Free Surveys

Like paid surveys, free survey programs allow people to make money. But with the latter method, no upfront payment is required.

Free survey programs can be done at home. However, there a lot of people who think that these programs are a means to earn a huge amount of money in an instant.  This is not the case of it. Free surveys work when you participate in some survey panels. This does not seem difficult to do but the tendency is that people do not give it a try and this is the common reason they do not succeed in their participation to these surveys. You will need enough amounts of effort and time to earn the money of your dream every month.

The Idea Behind Free Surveys

Free surveys are usually promoted by market research firms. Huge companies utilize survey information to have an idea about how the general public behaves. They will know the kind of advertisement that will work according to the common desire of people. These firms need information and they will spend money for this.

With traditional surveys, information is not paid. People who are involved in the surveys are not given incentives and this gives people the reason not to join. This kind of set up has been changed with the advent of the internet technology. Big companies have spared amounts of money to be spent for surveys because they will be a good investment over time. When they are able to get enough information, they are ready to formulate new business strategies.

How to Start

You must have an email account when you wish to participate in free online surveys. You will be sent with a confirmation link in your inbox that you must click to activate your survey account. When you are directed to the linked page, you are ready to take surveys.

Increase Your Money

You have the option to participate in a number of survey panels. You will not be charged with any amount to join these panels. Say, if you participated in 25 survey panels, you should survey at least one of them in one day. This gives you the idea that you can join in 25 surveys and you get money from this. So if you earn $1 for each, you will have $25 per day or $750 per month. Keep in mind that the result or your income varies depending on how active you are to participate in as many surveys. You will not find it hard to earn money by participating in free surveys. These surveys allow you to earn while companies gain statistical information that they will need to increase their profit. Free surveys do not promise to make you rich at an instant. You need to spend time participating and filling out surveys. If you do not have time, the tendency is that you cannot fill out as many surveys as you would want and this would not give you the money that you wish to earn.

Free Surveys

  1. American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP) – This is a renowned company that conducts market research since 1978. A BBB reliability certified program, ACOP offers $4- $50 for people who join paid surveys and $25 for those who participate in focus groups.  ACOP allows registered members to join a monthly draw that gives them the chance to win $250.
  2. Survey Savvy – This is also certified by the BBB for its reliability since 1997. This program has been popular because of their earning structure that involves a two tier referral. This program pays $3 per survey on average.
  3. Global Test Market – Also, a known BBB certified program, Global Test requires survey participant to be at least 14 years old. This program works by providing Marketing Points to participants that can be redeemed in the form of cash. This program also offers survey participants the opportunity to obtain a free mystery shopper job.