Get Paid Directories

For a lot of individuals, it is an ideal job to be able to earn money on the web by participating in surveys and trying out services and products. However, this may not be possible due to the increasing number of scammers that tend to hook up your money and some personal details.

But there are also a number of legitimate programs online that will honestly give payments on your participation to mystery shopping and surveys as well as experience with new products of different companies. Businesses would want to get unbiased opinions from the public if their products will make a real hit and they will spend money to be sure about this before they make the actual launch.

How to Identify Scam Surveys

Here are tips on how to be sure that you will not be scammed in your participation to any online money-making program.

  • To make sure that you are participating in a legitimate online program, visit several websites that post reviews of such survey programs and identify the one that you find real. You should also be certain that you are browsing pages of reputable websites so you can make a decision that is based on true information only.
  • It also makes a lot of sense to get some proofs of such survey programs have actually sent payments to all who participated in them. You can obtain some word of mouth from people who got payments from companies on the web as well.  Just remember to pick just the survey program that takes pride of a good record and suits your requirements and needs.

Mystery Shopping

Like survey programs, mystery shopping has been a popular source of earnings in the internet. This method captures the attention of a lot of people. With mystery shopping, you will be paid for trying out new products and making comparison of some goods while keeping the items that you utilize for mystery shopping. Some examples of mystery shopping include asking you to visit restaurants, shop at malls and watch movies. Businesses are aiming at knowing the behavior of customers. You can learn more about Mystery Shopping from Wikipedia‘s page.

Research is Vital

There are plenty of survey programs that pay participants as they shop; however, it remains necessary to have a background check on the program before you finally provide financial and personal information.

Committed websites are available to review such programs and you can find them by sampling researching on them from search engines. You can also obtain more information from unbiased opinions expressed in some forums that discuss making money online with the use of such programs. You can visit Get Paid Forum to participate in a forum.  There are a lot of means to earn money online but it requires you to do your homework.

Get Paid Resources

  1. Get Paid Directory – This is a great paid survey directory. You can avail here some ratings and reviews on paid surveys. This directory provides a list of paid survey companies that are classified into special interest, regional and recommended paid survey firms.
  2. Mystery Shopping Directory – This directory has a list of more than 200 mystery shopping firms. The list can be browsed easily and quickly as the companies are arranged alphabetically. This directory is highly recommended for those who are seeking for a mystery shopping job.