Reading Emails

With programs like Paid to Click (PTC) and Paid to Read (PTR), people are paid to read emails and click links in the emails to visit the website. You will accumulate a certain amount every time you do this. This is also referred to as Email Reading Jobs.

The Idea Behind

Companies are aiming to get the interest of customers on their services and products and reading some write-ups on these to have the possibility of making a sale. A visit to the website will provide visitors important information on the offers that the company has for any one. As companies want to direct more visitors to their website, they won’t mind spending money to increase traffic with the hope of increasing their sales. Paid-to-Read companies are paid every time a member visits the website of some businesses and to encourage people to reach emails and visit the site, Paid-to-Read companies pay you.

How to Join PTR / PTC Programs

In order to participate in this program you need to follow certain steps to complete your registration.

  1. Make sure you have an email account because this is where you will get emails from Pay-to-Read companies.
  2. For you to be paid by this program, you are required to register in an Online Payment System like eGold, PayPal and MoneyBookers. These systems enable you to receive and get payments online as well as transfer your funds to your bank account.
  3. Register with a Read-to-Pay program and start getting emails. Once this process has started, you are ready to read those emails and click the links specified in every email and earn. You can get your payment through the payment system that you choose to use to get paid through. When your payment is made, you will be able to transfer your funds to your bank account.

Earning Money Online

Paid-to-Read programs are meant to give u a means to earn extra money every month. You can spend time reading emails and visiting websites every day but you have to keep in mind that what you will earn from here is not enough to satisfy certain luxuries. The extra dollars that you will earn in this program will be of great help to pay some monthly bills. Such income is just for extra uses so it makes a lot of sense if you spend just some of your time on this. Make sure that you registered in a reputable company so you will not be scammed. You can gather information on such company by joining unbiased forums before you decide to register.

Leading Paid-to-Read Programs

  1. MyFreeShares– This pay-to-read program has been in the business for more than 8 years now. Although your earning in MyFreeShare may not be as fast as other PTR programs, this is a very reliable and reputed program that deserves recommendation. In this program, you will be paid within 72 hours from the time of your request.