Paid SMS

As much as earning money is made possible on the web, getting paid on your mobile has started to evolve in the form of paid SMS. As almost anyone in the world relies on mobile technology to communicate with each other, advertisers have found these individuals as potential subjects. For many mobile users, it is always irritating to get messages on certain advertisements that come to their network even if they did not request for them.  However, the emergence of paid SMS ad changed the impression of mobile users getting ads on their phones.

Fundamental Concept

The idea behind paid SMS is focused on making things work between advertisers and consumers by using a paid SMS medium. With this medium, regular mobile phone users will get advertisements from some advertisers and will be paid for every ad they and their referrals get. This is a revolutionary concept that eliminates the old impression of people on getting unwanted advertisements on their phones without getting something in return.

The paid SMS program allows mobile phone users to earn money every time they receive and read advertisements on their phone. This program allows advertisers to reach their customers and promote certain brand, services or products. Essentially, this is a permitted form of advertising that benefits both the advertiser and the mobile phone user. In addition, this program also gives awareness to consumers on the recent promos or discounts that advertisers give way for. There are even paid SMS websites that offer incentives like free SMS and free mobile phones.

How Does Paid SMS Work?

The concept behind the paid SMS program easily works for both the advertiser and the user. Every individual who has a mobile phone can earn money from this campaign. This only requires the mobile phone user to register in a paid SMS site.

  1. Getting Advertisements – All mobile phone users have the option to participate in a paid SMS program. These programs have terms and conditions that can easily be understood by those who wish to register in them.  It takes just the user to sign up in any paid SMS site that he can do either for free or for some small fee. The registration in such site will require users to provide information like the age, mobile phone number, email and the number of SMS he wishes to receive per day. After registering from the site, an activation message will be sent to the mobile phone number registered by the user. After the activation process, advertisements will be sent to the mobile phone.
  2. Friend Referrals – Because the paid SMS concept is a new program, websites offering this find a means to bring this good news to a number of consumers. This is the reason they will pay their registered mobile phone users to refer this program to people they know. This extra incentive works by giving as much referrals as users can give. This means that the user will earn more money when he refers the program to more people who will also register in paid SMS programs.
  3. Getting Payments – Once a registered user account is able to accumulate the minimum amount of earnings; majority of paid SMS websites will send the checks to the user. Users can always login to their accounts online to know how much they have earned. There are websites that will send payments when the amount has reached Rs 100-300.

The novelty of the paid SMS concept also allows advertisers to use promotional strategies to let the people know about this program. Some paid SMS websites offer free games and free discount coupons. If a mobile phone user wishes to know about certain offerings of a certain website, he can read the terms and conditions and FAQs of this website before he signs up.

Paid SMS is an extraordinary and modern kind of marketing that can benefit both advertisers and consumers. Because this is run with the permission of the mobile phone user, the user will be excited to receive more advertisements and the advertisers will get good feedback on their brands, companies or products. When this program makes a real hit, the mobile phone industry can expect to have more mobile phone customers in the near future.

Paid SMS Websites

  1. mGinger – This is one of the most famous paid SMS website in India.  This offers paid SMS ads and paid referrals. They send ads to mobile phones in the timings specified by the user and with topics that fit his or her interest. Any mobile phone user can register on the website by giving important information.  Once a user is registered, he can get perks like free SMS to friends, discount coupons, free games for mobile phones. Registration on Mginger is free and users who are registered on this site get their payment through checks every time they reach the minimum amount of Rs 300.
  2. mGarlic– This is also a popular India-based paid SMS site. Their system works by paying 20 paisa to each SMS ad that the user receives. They also allow registered users to earn money from every advertisement that their referrals receive. What’s great about this site is that they send advertisements to mobile phone users that are based on their interests. They also offer discount coupons that advertisers provide. This is the reason they highly recommend referrals and signups. Registration on this site will not require any fee and users get paid through a check when their earnings reached Rs100.

Advertisers will continue to look for ways to target more consumers. With the decline of media outlets and mass marketing, mobile advertising will have its success under the marketing umbrella.