Free Downloads

These are necessary software tools to protect your computer while you work online. Most of them are absolutely free.

  1. AVG Antivirus – AVG Free Edition is one of the most popular anti-virus protection tools. Home users can avail of this free tool for the product’s life. This tool has available fast updates on virus database. AVG Free can be used easily without slowing down your system.
  2. Zone Alarm Pro – This tool offers computer protection against hackers, spyware ad identity thieves. This is an easy-to-use tool.
  3. Ad-Aware – This tool offers state of the art and enhanced protection from popular aggressive advertising, data mining, some traditional Trojans, scumware, browser hijackers, dialers and malware.

Free Web Browsers

  1. Google Chrome– This is a proven powerful fastest browser that offers features to ensure convenience in every surfing. This browser can open multiple windows and sites within one browser task. This immediately removes irritating windows and saves multiple pages which can be opened together.
  2. Mozilla Firefox– This browser allows you to enjoy browsing websites quickly and efficiently. It boasts of features such as tabbed browsing, popup blocking, live bookmarks and enhanced security.
  3. Opera– This enables you to browse the net faster, safer and easier. It possesses the best security record.

Few Tips

  • Always protect your computer with strong antivirus software. Although you can get some of these for free, you can buy stronger and more powerful antivirus protection from some vendors.
  • Always perform scanning, detection and elimination of adware and spyware programs in your computer.  Make this a habit to secure all information that you may have in your computer.