AutoSurf Investments

Traffic exchange and auto surf programs are a kind of online advertising that allows members to promote websites that they choose based on a credit system that is earned by surfing. In these programs, there are displayed advertisements on the internet browser of members to which they will sign up. Such advertisements will be circulated at some point of time and will be posted for viewing.  You will earn money for every website you view.

The Idea Behind Autosurfing

These traffic exchange programs involve tracking of the number of websites that members visited each day and paying members for this. The payment is made relative to the money that the member invests. Say, if a member has a membership level of $12 and he earns 2% per day, he will get a payment of $.24 for viewing a particular maximum number of websites in one day.

Payment in these programs is made through checks when the member reaches the threshold. The check will be sent through Online Payment Systems like eGold, Money Bookers and Paypal.

How to Start

Joining these programs is very easy to do. You just need to register in them and begin to view advertisements. You don’t have to click each advertisement that you can see because this will lead you to a number of browsers that will make things confusing for you. You can just wait for the advertisements to run on a particular side of your screen and you can click on a certain interesting advertisement at some point.

Avoid Scams

You should know that there are many AutoSurf programs that will require you to provide personal information or will not pay for your service. You will be able to know if these programs are not legitimate from the word of mouth of those who have tried such programs. If you can find a lot of sources that recommend the programs, then this gives you the idea that they could be legitimate. However, you should be sure also that you got sources that provide unbiased views. You can rely on locations like GetPaidForum to do a background check on the programs.

Some Warnings

AutoSurf programs that have been running for over one year may not be ideal programs to register in. They could be scam especially if they offer higher rates to view advertisements. It is advisable to invest in as many programs instead of sticking in just one to minimize the risk. Also, make sure that the money you spend on this program is not part of your tight budget. This means that whatever happens to your investment, make sure it will not have too much impact on you. You may also want to read more about Autosurf from Wikipedia pages.

Increase Earnings

To increase your earnings using the AutoSurf traffic exchange program, it is necessary to be certain that the return rate of the company that you deal with is nominal. Also, try to come up with a good investment so there is a good chance for you to get your money back and earn profit the fastest possible time. Make sure to do your homework by doing research before you finally decide to invest on a program.

Top Auto Surf Programs

  1. AussieEarners – This traffic exchange program offers 5 percent every day for 25 days. With this program, you will be given a signup bonus of $10.