Companies Hiring Online Tutors

(Last updated on 25th June, 2012)

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US based Companies (companies hiring only US applicants)

  1. Creating Careers – Relevant training and experience in the subject area is required to secure the position as a tutor. Training and support will be provided if you do not have any specific experience to deliver online tutoring.
  2. Brain Fuse – Applicant need to contact them for a registration code. Should at least studying in college for a degree.
  3. EHomeworkhelp – Potential tutor can teach in various courses. They have a great support system where you can your questions answered.
  4. Tutors Teach – There are 343 subjects to choose from and almost everyone can apply for a tutor position here.
  5. Tutor Directory – Anyone who provides tutoring service can list request for inclusion in the directory for better exposure.
  6. Tutor and Mentor – Applicants must have passion for teaching; possess Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Math and Science.
  7. Online Tutor For English – Positions available for University graduates only. English must be your native tongue.
  8. – Anyone who is currently studying for a degree or own one can apply to be a tutor. Strong content knowledge about the subject is a must.
  9. The Linguist – You don’t have to speak 9 Language like Steve Kaufmann to apply for a position. Contact him (steve [AT] thelinguist [DOT] com) for more information.
  10. Top Notch Tutoring – Applicants have to be certified teachers and/or experience tutors. Email resume and references (name, company, address, email, duration known, circumstances known) in MS Words format to teach [AT] online [DOT] topnotchtutoring [DOT] com.
  11. Click2Tutor – Give online tutoring on Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Science, Social Studies, languages for Grade K – 12 and university level.
  12. Tutorz – In this directory, your profile will be exposed to students/parents searching to hire a tutor. There are 3 packages to choose from, you can choose to go for the free one if you intend to test their service. You get the chance to set your own pricing and tutor subject.
  13. Anytime Tutor – Applicants should at least have 3 years experience in teaching. Minimum qualification of Master’s degree is required.
  14. Transweb Tutor – Applicants need to possess relevant experience and Bachelor’s degree in the subject they want to teach.
  15. 24Hours Tutor – Applicant will be required to take several tests before getting qualified for the tutoring post.
  16. Leap Tutor – Relevant experience and qualification is a requirement for any application as an online tutor.

Canada based Companies (companies hiring only Canadian applicants)

  1. Creative English Solutions – Apply if you can deliver high quality materials and support for ETS- standard iBT, TOEFL or TOEIC. To know present openings for tutors, send an enquiry to jobs [AT] englishsolutions [DOT] ca.
  2. Find A Tutor Canada – Paid listing service for tutors. Start your online tutoring career in Canada by submitting to this online tutoring service. Applications are open to all tutors and tutoring service listings starts from as low as $25 a year.
  3. Teachers.Net – Tired of slowly surfing the endless stream of listings for a good online tutoring job? Then Teachers.Net is the website for you to visit. With listing that range from all around the world, Teachers.Net can help you find the job you want.
  4. – Teach High school, junior high and elementary school students online. Apply and include your resume to the link above.
  5. WiZiQ – For all the basic subjects and lessons in USA and also Canada. File in your resume to be listed amongst the professionals involved.
  6. My Tutor – Relevant experience and qualification is important to post a listing on the site.

UK based Companies (companies hiring UK applicants only)

  1. A+ Tutor – The perfect site for UK online tutors to advertise their services. There is a charge of £25/year for advertising fee for first year and £20 for subsequent renewals.
  2. Personal Tutors (UK, Wales and Scotland) – Applicants must at least posses a degree in any relevant field for the tutoring position that they apply.
  3. Fleet Tutors – Applicants need to possess degree in any field relevant to the subject they wish to teach. UK teaching qualification (eg. QTS/PGCE) will be an added advantage.
  4. Sclipo – Tutors should possess at least relevant qualification to provide their tutoring service.
  5. Top Tutors – Positions are available for graduates and qualified teachers only. All subjects available – you can teach primary, 11+, GCSE, AS, A2 or degree level.

International Companies (companies hiring International applicants)

  1. Berlitz – Tutor position is available for everyone from all around the world. Good qualification is a must requirement.
  2. Kaplan – Recommended one. Applicants must possess qualification and experience needed.
  3. Smart Thinking – Vacancies open for International applicants with US bank account. Relevant qualification is needed for the post applied.
  4. My Tutor 24 – To apply as a tutor, applicants must at least have 2 years experience teaching and tutoring in focus subject area.
  5. Tutor ABC – This site focus on getting tutors who are able to provide Chinese or English language tutor. Applicants should be an undergraduate with minimum 4 years in college; applicants with ESL certification are preferred.
  6. Aim For A Tutoring – To apply as a tutor, the applicant should at least possess a bachelor’s degree in the subject of interest. Applicants should email these details to jobs [AT] aim4A [DOT] com
  7. Homework Tutoring – You can apply as tutor if you are university professors who hold Ph.Ds or M.Scs Applicants must have at least 10 years experience in the field they are teaching.
  8. Go Fluent – Native English speaker from the USA, Canada and the Philippines with Bachelor’s degree and minimum one year experience can apply to jobs [AT] gofluent [DOT] com.
  9. Global Scholars – Applicants should at least have a degree in any relevant field for the subject they applied for. Experience as a school teacher or tutor is an advantage.
  10. Tell me more – Applicants must speak English and have the relevant experience in teaching and is well reversed with the pedagogical method. Second European language knowledge is an advantage.
  11. WIS Deal – Applicants must hold the certification for ESL. Payments will be based on your experience and the evaluation from the student.
  12. Center for Talented Youth – Applicants with Master’s degree are preferred but applicants with Bachelor’s degree can apply too.
  13. Tutor Vista – Applicants are expected to own at least Master’s degree in the relevant subject they want to teach. Good English communication is a must.
  14. English Everywhere – To apply, you must at least posses TEFL / TOEFL certification.
  15. Online Tutor for English – Native English speaker and bilingual ESL tutor can apply for the position as a tutor.
  16. Tutor Central – You can apply for tutor position if you have some experience in.
  17. ETS – Apply for this job if you’re interested to do educational research, learning technology and also assessment. They also hire trained raters to assist with essay evaluation for TSE & TOEL.
  18. Course Bridge – Applicants should be experience or take the instructor training program offered by Course Bridge. Subject tutored should be new and instructors required to prepare full course curriculum. Contract renewable every year. Payment by American cheques.
  19. Universal Class – For those with 4 years BA or 2 years MA qualification, 4-6 years work experiences and excellent command of English. Depend on expertise and student demands; earn $9.50 / hour to $20.00 / hour on a part-time basis (average 15 hours / week).
  20. ICAL – For English tutors those interested in teaching TESL/TEFL. Qualification can be obtained from the site or other experienced, reliable course provider. Other requirements are 2nd degree of MA or equivalent in English or other relevant field, years of experience teaching ESL/EFL, native English speakers and good computer literacy.
  21. The Language Menu – Perfect site for English or foreign languages tutors. Training materials preparation tools and forums available for references.
  22. Virtual University – Teach an online course or write a “self-guided” course. Refer to site for courses offered. Receive payment of USD$200 for accepted courses.
  23. Cactus Global – Use this site to teach English and add value to your services by offering online writing courses. Train students for TOEFL, iBT, TOEIC, SW, GAT, GRE, and Eiken 1-kyu.
  24. Ed2Go – Be an online tutor for practical and highly effective online courses from all types of topics. Develop and facilitate for well-known universities and other schools while receiving wide national and international exposure. Get paid once a month after the end of each course.
  25. Nexus Learning – Provide real time, online instruction to public school students we can’t attend normal school program. Must be competent with softwares for running online classroom and teach according to Nexus curriculum of state standards, school pacing guides, or chapters from several major text books.
  26. Physics 24/7 – Help students with their physics homework. You can advertise other subjects as well. Control your schedule and rates. Applicants must have as least a bachelor’s degree. Apply for a set of test quiz to find out if you qualify.
  27. Limu – Teach or tutor any subject or skills you have mastered to people around the world. 400 subject categories to choose from. Offer anything from a 1 hour introduction to several sessions held over period of weeks or months.
  28. My Tutor Online – If mathematic is your forte, then this is the site. Aim to help students who are weak in math, send in your resume to apply.
  29. Buddy School – Applicants applying are expected to have at least a diploma and must be enthusiastic in teaching the students. Daily login is useful to increase demand.
  30. ClassOf1 – Open for teachers of all discipline and stream, Class of 1 requires at least post graduate degree applicants with experience in a real classroom.
  31. Tutor Nation – Specializing in email tutoring through email and also online tutoring. Applicants must at least have qualification such as higher diploma and degree.
  32. Tutor Orbit – For those interested in teaching international students, email your resume to hr [AT] tutororbit [DOT] com. Applicants must be at least a degree holder.
  33. Growing Stars – For those interested to teach online in Australia and Malaysia, this is the site for you. Send in your resume plus a short description of yourself to the email provided.
  34. Tuta Point – Those qualified to teach math and science to k-12 students, resumes should be emailed to the email provided. Webcam teaching is required as well.
  35. eduFire – Applicants must have appropriate qualifications and also an interesting personality. Mainly focusing on teaching languages.
  36. Mathematics Online Tutor – More to creating a program that works in tutoring students online, applicants must be eager and at least a degree holder.
  37. EduWizards – Applicants should possess relevant Bachelor degree in any subjects they want to teach. Variety of opportunities are available for online teachers.
  38. Tutor Linker – The application process is easy and smooth. It uses Google maps to help the student and tutor. Useful if you want to provide tutoring service in your neighborhood.
  39. TCY Online – Applicants should have relevant Bachelor’s degree to teach Math. Students will vary from K through 12 and Math preparation for SAT and GRE test.
  40. Grade Results – Applicant should at least possess relevant graduate degree in the subject they want to learn.
  41. Graduate Tutor – Tutoring position to teach at the college and school level are available. Applicants should possess Bachelor’s degree and relevant experience for the subject they want to teach.