Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are popular for being profitable work at home jobs. Those who have searched for online jobs may have come across postings on these positions. What makes these jobs interesting and attractive is the huge pay and easy work that come with them.

Kinds of Transcriptions Jobs

Legitimate transcription jobs can be found in different fields that include medical, financial, legal, general business and law enforcement. However, there two types of transcription.

  • Medical transcription– This involves documentation of medical records.
  • Simple transcription- This includes the conversion of audio files to text.

Both areas can offer jobs but finding one can be much easier with simple transcription jobs.

The Importance of Training

Before you get a transcription job, you will need to undergo some training. This training will require you to prepare around $1500. This price is quite abrupt just to be trained in a field where getting work at home jobs is not a walk in the park.

There are a lot of firms offering transcriptionist training that promise trainees an earning that ranges from $50,000 to $60,000 every year. Because of this, many students will enroll into transcription courses only to find out that they are not earning money in the end. Training courses for these jobs are available online and comes with high price tags. But, it will be more reasonable to check these courses in your junior or community college. They can be offered at prices that you can afford more than you can with online courses. Once you take the course and you get a job in your area, you can begin telecommuting from this point.

How to Get Hired by Reputable Companies

You will need to have in-house experience if you wish to be hired by reputable companies for a transcription job. Such experience makes you prepared to take care of sensitive information. You cannot expect a doctor’s office or company to just trust you with any documents and files. It is only after you have obtained an actual transcription job and are able to prove that you deserve their trust that you can ask your employer to work on the file at home and telecommute.

Searching for Transcription Jobs

Your search for a transcription job will involve a different way of doing it depending on the kind of transcription services that you want to do.

When it comes to getting jobs that can be done at home, simple transcription can be an easier means. With this, you can take this job even if you do not have some type of education. You will only need to promote your services. If you have competitive rates, you have the possibility of getting hired.

A simple transcription job requires advertisement of transcription services that can be done at freelance websites. You can start with DP Market Place, Get a Freelancer, Guru, Craigslist and Rent a Coder. Meanwhile, to get a medical transcription job, you can make this possible through the help of your current employer. But, this makes a corporation and it is very possible for you to obtain client portfolios from them. Then you can start to ask permission from the doctor’s office to do the transcription job offsite.

In order to come up with a good business, it is imperative to get personal. You can start by participating in your local Chamber of Commerce or getting involved with some medical related organizations in which you will be able to meet nurses and doctors. This kind of business requires you to build trust and a good relationship. You can also go for online promotions with the use of pay-per-click like Yahoo!, MSN and Adwords.

How to Become Successful in your At-Home Transcription Job

  • Advertise your service
  • Get yourself associated with some networks
  • Be sure with what you are doing
  • Make things happen and do just the right thing
  • Communicate with other transcriptionist and offer to do some of the works that they cannot manage to do
  • Manage your time and meet deadlines
  • Be proactive

Earning money online can be possible with work at home transcription jobs. But it is necessary to be practical about what you expect. If you want to perform simple transcription jobs and you know you can do it, then you can participate in some top freelance websites to advertise your services.

Companies Offering Transcription Jobs

  1. Fantastic Transcripts – This company offers useful and helpful tips on how to start and make a home business successful. For now, they do not have any offers on any sort of work at home jobs. But you can always send them an email of your personal details along with your experience and the type of equipment you possess. Once they can find a local client who will require a job that fits your qualification, they will surely contact you.
  2. Speak-Write – This is an Online Dictation Service that offers you transcription works that you can do at home. If your online application is approved by them, they will ask you to attend an important examination.  Once you successfully completed their requirements, they will give you a software application through which you will log in to their system. You can get some works to be done at home and upload the completed transcription to their server.
  3. Tigerfish Transcribing (U.S. Only) – This is a transcription service that maintains high quality of home transcription results. They will require you to download their sample audio file, convert it and send the document to a specified email address. When they approve your application, they will contact you immediately.
  4. Way With Words – This is a global transcription company that hires applicants from across the globe. Transcription in this company includes TV and radio programmers, medical and legal transcription, market research interviews, songs, meetings and others. People who are highly motivated and skilled can send their application
  5. Transcription Services – This company requires their transcriptionists to have a minimum experience of five years. An applicant must have a Cable or DSL connection. Interested applicants can fill up their online application form that can be obtained from their website.