Online Writing Jobs

If you have skills in writing, the e-commerce era is your time to shine. As there the number of companies making an online presence is increasing, the demand for online writing jobs is increasing as well. Whether you have a natural talent for writing or you want to make a career change and get into writing, you can find writing jobs online in various niches and for a lot of topic.

In this type of job, you will advertise yourself and your tool of the trade is your writing. Confidence is necessary to make yourself a valuable and reliable provider of website content.

Getting the Best Resources

Start your writing plans by updating your computer’s standard operating systems like XP or Windows 7 and new Microsoft Office package. Make sure your computer has a good memory and you have a processor that is strong enough to manage huge file downloads. It is very likely that you will have projects such as rewriting the whole websites, so to see everything at once, it is crucial to meet deadlines.

Part of your preparations to get an online writing is to install communication programs like skype, web cams and instant messengers. This demonstrates your full commitment to writing and you will be able to show your clients that you can be contacted anytime you are needed to discuss guidelines of a particular project. It is also possible that you will come across hourly works at which you must show proof of the time you spent for work.

Make a Portfolio

Now that you have made an update to your working environment, you can start making a portfolio. Write articles about current events or anything that you can write about with excellence. You can get a web page host that is offered for free. Fill your website with information that seems like a resume. Make a website blog about topics of interest, news information, or just about anything that encourages and interests people to know you more.

Conduct Research

Broaden your possibility of getting an online writing job by researching on websites that host hiring of freelance writers. Such websites will give you access to freelance projects at which you will have a bidding system to follow to win such projects. You can visit websites like as this has a lot of projects that new buyers posted. Such buyers will hire writers that have good writing records so don’t get stuck with websites that have writers with negative feedback from former clients.

When you have found some websites to make individual profiles at, make sure to highlight your skills in your profiles. You can attach samples of work and emphasize that you hold the rights to whatever you post. This guarantees that your writing samples will not b copied by any buyer without paying you. When you are done with this, you can start bidding on some projects. You will probably be given limited bids in every site either daily or weekly. Make sure that you understand these restrictions and bid accordingly. If possible, do not bid on projects that pay less and use your available bids within the allowable period. This will bring your name out in the open and will depict your commitment to write.

Use Samples with Care

There can be buyers who will require you to provide an article about a specific topic. Perform this with limits because there are available buyers who will ask for samples and once they have enough free samples for their project, they tend to close the project.
In your articles, never miss to utilize spell check and respond intelligently on your bids. Tendency is that buyers will decline your bids if you do not know how to use proper punctuation and capitalization or you use informal words that are not appropriate for content writing. Keep in mind that whatever you post, the world can see it. It is there to create your image so make it your best.

Your Payment

While you increase your work portfolio, you will be able to look for projects that fit your writing. Usually, if you are a newbie to writing, you will get lower pay than those who have been in the business for years. Writers who have enough writing experience and proven ability can ask for higher pay. You can accept jobs that will pay you $3 or so for each article you make. Then you can start narrowing down the projects you made a bid for and increase your compensation.  When you start to get a stable flow of projects, you have the option to spend more time freelancing.

Hire Others if Possible

While there is a steady increase of your projects and clients, you can become a director of your projects and hire writers to work for you. You can build your own team of writers. Identify how you ask payments from the client and how you will pay other writers. Often, you can get a Paypal account which will also allow you to make invoices. Take time in monitoring your billing and getting payments. Send reminders to clients who have not completed their transactions with you.

Meet your Deadlines

Part of your commitment to a project that you won is to deliver the output within the period that you committed to the client. Your deadline guarantees your payment. When you are unable to meet deadlines, there is a strong possibility that your bill will be denied by the client. If you are working on the project with your other writers, give your fellow a deadline that is much earlier than what the client requested. This gives you the chance to look for another writer, edit submissions to keep the quality of articles according to your standards or you can write articles yourself.

In general, it is a good endeavor to start a freelance career. It takes just dedication and proper planning. Freelancing gives you the capability to manage your own time and a source of income that allows you to do what passionates you.

Resources for Writing Job

  1. Get A Coder – This location provides an eBook that teaches people how to utilize the website to obtain maximum benefit. The eBook is given for free.
  2. Get A Freelancer – This is the place where buyers post a number of jobs on daily basis. This gives freelancers easy payment options.
  3. SitePoint MarketPlace – This is a famous forum for webmasters. Here, you can market your writing ability to interested webmasters.
  4. DigitalPoint Market Place – This is another webmaster forums and a market place that deserves high recommendation. Here you will find webmasters hiring writers who can do content creation, article writing, forum posting and copywriting for them. This marketplace does not involve any bidding system.