Home based MT Jobs

Medical transcription (MT) deals with the process of converting voice-recorded reports that physicians, healthcare professionals or nurses dictate into text format. These reports are saved and kept to permanently retain details of a patient that can be retrieved when needed.

The audio file may have patient information that includes lab reports, physical reports, x-ray reports, consultation reports, psychiatric assessment, discharge summaries and others. The audio notes will have a varied length depending on how many patients involved and what kind of reports to be recorded. This conversion job is done by a medical transcriptionist, a specialist in medical language.

Transcription Procedure

The process of transcribing medical notes includes getting the dictation through an audio, digital or tape file. Head or ear phones are the main equipment that a medical transcriptionist needs so she can hear the audio file. She will also need a foot pedal that allows her to make a start-stop control. The pedal will also key in the files like word processing documents so they can be swiftly converted into permanent records. After the transcription of the documents, they are sent to the physician who will review them. When they are edited and verified, they are saved as permanent records of a patient.

This tells us that medical transcription is obviously a legitimate job that can be done online and never an advertising scam. The payment for this kind of job will vary according to the accuracy of the report’s keyboarding.

Requirements for Medical Transcription Jobs

To be a medical transcriptionist does not just require a keyboarding skill and a computer at home. Medical transcription has pre-requisites and medical transcriptionists are expected to have good qualities. They must have a good listening skill, fast typing speed with impressive accuracy and should be well-versed with the English grammar. The most important criterion among medical transcriptionists is their knowledge in medical terms. They should have enough knowledge on medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, laboratory test and values and medical procedures and equipment as the job deals with just medical reports.

How to Equip Yourself with the Required Knowledge

A medical transcription course is very helpful for individuals to get the necessary knowledge about the fields that a medical transcription job will require. Such course will give the person a certification. There are a number of available courses that can be done either online or offline. A medical transcriptionist will be guaranteed with a success when she has undergone quality training.

Medical transcription courses will equip transcriptionists with job competency and the necessary skills needed on areas such as medical jargons, diseases, human anatomy, text perfection, grammar and style needs, keyboard speed, pronunciation and test series. Moreover, a medical transcriptionist must also invest in getting reference books like grammar books, English dictionary, a drug index, a medical dictionary, a surgery work book, a medical workbook that tackles topics based on specialty, a medical workbook on abbreviations and a physician directory. These books will guide them to obtain quality results.

How to get started?

After a medical transcription training, the trained transcriptionist is ready to come up with her own decision on how she will work. Here are some ways.

  1. Work at home as an independent medical transcriptionist
  2. Practice within a clinic or hospital
  3. Get a contract with reputable companies who recruit statutory employees

Medical transcriptionists who hold a certificate of training have all the chances of landing a job both online and offline. If they wish to work online, they will just fill up application forms in some websites and they will also submit their resume to online employers. These medical transcriptionists will be given a transcription work that is based on their potentials.

Earnings / Income

The amount of money that medical transcriptionists earn will depend on the hiring company; however, it is usually based on production such as payments according to how many hours are worked and how many lines are transcribed.

Resources for Home based MT Work

  1. MTBot.com – This is a reputable medical transcription directory that has a list of companies hiring medical transcriptionists, medical words abbreviations, discussion forums and physical guides. They also have free software for word prediction that is intended for disabled users and professional typists.
  2. MTJobs.com – This is the biggest medical companies and transcription jobs resource. They post various vacancies every two days. This is the best resource to get the right job position for you.
  3. Thomas Transcription – Requires their applicants to have at more than three years of experience. This company welcomes editors who have more than eight years of experience with AAMT BOS and experienced cardiology transcriptionists. This company accepts independent contractors only.
  4. TransHealth Medical Transcriptionists – This is a developing medical transcription firm that is hiring highly-skilled medical transcriptionists that possess good accuracy, timeliness and completeness. They offer flexibility in schedules and compensate employees based on production.
  5. OSI Transcription – At OSI, there are medical transcription positions for both full time and part time workers. These transcription jobs are focused on areas like radiology, emergency room, multispecialty clinic and acute care. The company offers good remuneration, bonuses and perks.
  6. Applied Medical Services – This firm offers medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding positions for home-based employees. For their independent contractors, they require them to take a pre-qualification examination online which will be followed by a test on medical language and terminology as well as typing test. Applicants will be able to know the results of the test after three business days.
  7. Focus Informatics – This is a medical transcription company that offers MT positions for individuals who have at two years or more experience. For newbies, they provide online training or they can directly take an online examination at MtTest.