Customer Service Jobs

Usually, companies who are aiming to save money will consider outsourcing customer service jobs that can be done at home. This is a great way to save a significant amount by reducing office infrastructure. This business model does not involve any cost of buying or leasing an office space for a business infrastructure.

Outsourcing customer service jobs are perfect for the qualified individuals to save them from paying for costly equipment necessary to carry out the job. Such job will just require a high speed and stable internet connection and a computer. For a lot of people, this is a call center job that would yield a number of benefits and a means to earn more money at the comfort of one’s home. However, if you are starting to find jobs of this kind, you must understand first what this job would involve.

What are Customer Service Jobs?

Customer service jobs done at home come with duties and responsibilities that are similar to the jobs performed in a real office environment. The nature of the job depends on the company that you work for. Part of your tasks may include taking phone calls, answering questions and getting credit card information.

Make Your Dream of Working from Home Happen

Customer service jobs that are done virtually are best for those who wish to work at home than to travel a long distance to get into an office. Apart from the convenience that this home-based job offers, people may want to have this job due to a disability to travel and a difficulty to find jobs in a particular area.

Home-Based Customer Service Job Requirements

There are not much requirements and qualifications needed for individuals who are seeking to get a customer service job at home. They just need to have the following.

  • An updated computer
  • New and standard operating system like Microsoft Windows
  • High-speed internet connection, DSL or Cable
  • Good computer skill
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good customer service potentials
  • High school diploma or a college degree

Because you are going to work outside the office environment, it is very possible for employers to consider your job history. They must know your reliability. It will be a plus factor for you if you already have an experience in customer service.

Work at Home Moms and Customer Service Jobs

Customer service professionals who are staying at home to perform their motherly role may not find it suitable to get a customer service job at home. This is because such job requires a peaceful environment which means no background voices. It is important for customers to have in mind that they are conversing with someone at the company’s office. It is certainly unprofessional to have kids crying or playing in the background.

But, in most customer service jobs, employees can select the time that is best for them. So mothers can decide on the right time to do the job when no is around. There are customer services that operate 24 hours every day so this gives mothers the chance to work at night while their kids are asleep.

Some Tips

There are things that you must keep in mind if you are looking for a customer service job online.

  • Do not pay upfront fees. This is never a requirement to real employers.
  • Take extra care in sharing your social security numbers because of the risk of identity fraud. Rather, you can use an Employment Identification Number (EIN) in place of your SSS.
  • It is important to conduct research to do a background check on a certain company that you wish to apply to. You can also check on their legitimacy at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or get information from the attorney general’s office of the company to know if there are previous complaints filed against them.

Companies Recruiting Customer Service Professionals

  1. Working Solutions – This company strives to offer legitimate home-based jobs for free to individuals who are seeking to earn extra money. They provide different kinds of Data Entry Jobs and Call Center Phone Jobs that pay $7.2 to $30 per hour.
  2. Work at Home Agent – Provides free full training to make an independent contractor qualified to work as “West at Home Agents.” The jobs here include taking care of calls for companies in different industries such as retails, wireless and others. This company does not require any investment from applicants.
  3. O’Currance Tele Services – The company offers 6-8 hours of training held within the company premise. Upon successful completion of the training, the trainee is given the opportunity to work at home by taking inbound calls on different products. The company is offering part-time and full-time positions for any interested and qualified sales agents. They compensate their employees with $9 per hour plus commissions. A lucrative income of $30,000 to $50, 000 is possible for those who can work here.
  4. Ver-A-Fast – This is a huge verification company that offers customer service representative jobs that can be done at home. This company does not ask upfront fees to applicants. Jobs here include customer contact for clients in telephone and newspaper industries.
  5. Alpine Access – This is a customer service solution firm that offers work at home opportunities that yield legitimate income and a degree of flexibility around the schedule of employees. Here, applicants are required to complete a pre-interview screening exam, technical skills test and telephonic interview.